After Sales Network Information

After Sales Network Information

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Service Point Description: In addition to the Kunshan Headquarters Service Center, the company also has 6 service
centers and 18 service points, including East China, South China, Central China, North China, Southwest and
Southeast Asia. The total number of existing service teams has approached 50.

Dispatching workers

Receiving orders

Receiving orderss

Completion photography

Scan Code Evaluation

  • The repair ways

    400 hot line
    Regional after-sales personnel
    Enterprise Service platform
  • Call handling

    Professional after-sales engineer, direct telephone processing, No transfer and wait.
  • Door to door service

    5 service centers covering the whole country 24H
    24H quick response to door-to-door service
    The service team is more than 50 people, covering data analysis and logistics support.
  • Review the case

    After the case is processed, the follow-up rate is 100%
Quality assurance

Quality Control Plan

Process Management Measures

System process construction

Training and performance evaluation

Quality Culture Management

Service Data Management Interface
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the temperature and humidity range of the unit?
    A:Need to confirm the technical requirements according to the machine number, because the temperature and humidity range of different equipment is different.
  • What is the inlet pressure requirement for the impact chamber?
    A:Use compressed air, the inlet pressure is required to be 0.4~0.6MPa.
  • About how often should I change the humidity tampons?
    A:General 1 ½ months to replace once, if the water quality is poor, humidity cotton cloth yellow and hard, need to be replaced in advance.
  • What are the cooling water inlet pressure and temperature requirements?
    A:General requirements for cooling water inlet water pressure 0.2 ~ 0.4MPa, water temperature 5 ~ 30 ℃.
  • Will the temperature and humidity of the unit slowly become inaccurate?
    A:Deviations may occur over long periods of time and generally require annual tripartite metrological calibration and correction.
  • Can the equipment be operated with the door open during operation?


    1) Open the door during operation of the equipment, there will be wet air into the evaporator frost, resulting in equipment alarms.

    2) Open the door at high temperature will cause burns, open the door at low temperature will cause frostbite.

  • Kunshan

    R&D and Manufacturing Center

    Jiangsu Tomilo Environmental Equipment Energy Co., Ltd.
    Address: No. 427, Sanxiang Road, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province,China
    Kunshan Taitai Electronics Co., Ltd
    Address: No. 427, Sanxiang Road, Kunshan Economic and Technological Development Zone
  • Tianjin

    North China Marketing Service Center

    Address:603, Building 3, Lanting International, No.419 Jinsu Highway, Dongli District, Tianjin, China.
  • Wuhan

    Wuhan Office

    Address:Room 1623, Block B, Future City Plaza, Longyang Avenue, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China.
  • Kunshan

    Jiangsu TOMILO Advanced Equipment Co,Ltd

    Address:No.8 Huacheng Road, Lujia Town, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, A6, A7, A8, 810 Factory Building.
  • Nanjing

    Nanjing Office

    Address:Room 709, Building 25, Hejia Spring, Yinxiang, Jiangning District, Nanjing, China.
  • Hefei

    Central China Marketing Service Center

    Address:A-806, Hong Kong & Macau Plaza, Economic & Technological Development Zone, Hefei City, Anhui Province, P.R. China.
  • Chongqing

    Southwest Marketing Service Center

    Address:11-4, Building 2, Five Star Plaza, University City Road, Shapingba District, Chongqing, P.R. China.
  • Chengdu

    Chengdu Office

    Address:1205, Building 32, Parker Mansion, Jinliang Road, Jinniu District, Chengdu, China.
  • Vietnam

    Southeast Asia Overseas Marketing Service Center

    Address:No.25 Kinh Bac 72 Road,Kinh Bac Ward,Bac Ninh city, Vietnam.
  • Shenzhen

    South China Marketing Service Center

    Address:No. H, 12/F, Block A, Anhongji Tianyao Plaza, Minzhi Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen, China.
  • Hangzhou

    Hangzhou Office

    Address:Room 1209, Building 2, Taimei International, Xiasha, Jianggan District, Hangzhou, China.
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