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TOMILO Party branch carries out party discipline learning and education activities


On the afternoon of May 22, the Party branch organized party members to go to the Party spirit education base - Tao Yiqiu Memorial Hall for field visit and study. Upon entering the memorial hall, the first thing you see is the bronze bust of Comrade Tao Yiqiu, which embodies the high respect and deep feelings of the Lu family for this revolutionary hero. Tao Yiqiu, a well-known revolutionary hero, his life is full of indomitable revolutionary struggle and ceaseless struggle of life course. He withstood the test of party spirit and soul questioning in different periods, and interpreted the original intention and mission of Communist Party members with practical actions.

The party members deeply understood the life story of Tao Yiqiu and visited the precious materials and objects left by him during his lifetime, and were deeply touched. His revolutionary spirit of patriotism and selfless dedication deeply shocked every Party member, and this spirit will be passed down from generation to generation and shine forever.

During the visit, the party members also watched the original drama Tao Yiqiu, a Special Party Member, on the theme of revolutionary history, and through the vivid performance, they had a deeper understanding of the lofty morality and great deeds of Comrade Tao Yiqiu. After the event, all Party members of the Party branch sang "There would be no New China without the Communist Party" in unison, and the song was sonorous and powerful, expressing our firm faith in the Party and our high respect for revolutionary martyrs.

The ultimate goal of Party discipline learning and education is to transform the learning results into practical actions and work results. We will continue to deepen our learning, internalize the spirit of revolutionary heroes such as Tao Yiqiu in our hearts and externalize it in our actions, and contribute our strength to the cause of the Party and the people with more enthusiasm and a more pragmatic style.

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