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Starting for love, the TOMILO team showed their style in the Kunshan Charity Federation Charity Run


Initiated by the Kunshan Charity Federation, the first charity Run attracted the city's running enthusiasts to celebrate this special double festival - Mother's Day and Nurses' Day. In the early morning, the thin rain falling in the sky, but this did not stop the enthusiasm of running enthusiasts. The members of TOMILO, who are also in high spirits, greet each other on the big lawn with smiles on their faces, together with many runners, creating a dynamic and warm social scene.
As time went on, the drizzle seemed to be infected by this enthusiasm and gradually ceased, providing a more comfortable and pleasant environment for the event. The temperature is cool, providing the participants with a perfect running condition, so that they can run in the fresh air and enjoy the joy of sports.

On this day full of love and gratitude, the TOMILO team, together with all the participants, ran forward in the name of love, showing the cohesion of the team and the enthusiasm for public welfare. Let us in this charity run, not only for health and happiness, but also to pass love and care, and jointly create a better society.

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