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The general election will sail again! TOMILO called a general assembly of party members for a general election.


In order to better carry out the work of the Party branch, according to the relevant provisions of the Party Constitution, further strengthen the leadership of the party organization, and better play the role of the fighting fortress of the party organization, on March 13, Jiangsu Tuomiluo held a Party member conference in accordance with the unified deployment of the town Party committee and the work plan of the branch change.

The Party members meeting has three agendas: First, the Party branch secretary to make a work report; Second, to adopt the General Assembly election method and the staff list; Third, members and secretaries of the Party Organizational Committee shall be elected.

The congress elected a total of three members of the Party branch committee and one secretary.

Being able to become a member of the party branch is both an honor and a responsibility.

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