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"Data Land" → "Industrial Upstairs", TOMILO Headquarters project landed in Lujia


On the afternoon of February 18, the signing ceremony of TOMILO headquarters project was successfully held in Huacheng Intelligent Robot Industrial Park in Lujia Town. Zhang Feng, Standing Committee of the CPC Kunshan Municipal Committee and Vice Mayor, Yao Chenglin, Chairman of Jiangsu TOMILO Advanced Equipment Co., Ltd., Gao Yong, Secretary of the Party Committee of Lujia Town, Qian Cong, Deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Lujia Town and Mayor attended the event.

Zhang Feng said that the TOMILO headquarters project is not only the first "data land" project in Kunshan, but also a demonstration project to promote new industrialization, and I believe that it will inject new development momentum for Lujia and even the city to strengthen the industrial chain, expand the industrial cluster, and improve the industrial ecology. Kunshan will continue to polish the "Kunruyi" business service brand, and comprehensively escort the early construction and production of the Tuomiluo project. At the same time, it will also deeply implement reform and innovation measures such as "industrial upstairs" and "data land", empower enterprise development with high-quality and efficient elements, work together with entrepreneur friends and resonate with the same frequency, and promote "Kunshan Manufacturing" to "Kunshan intelligent manufacturing" and "Kunshan creation" across the butterfly change.

The total investment of TOMILO headquarters project signed this time is 600 million yuan, the total project covers an area of 53 acres, the total construction area of 96,000 square meters, including the ground construction area of 87,000 square meters, the underground area of 8,600 square meters, the plot ratio of more than 3.0, and the height of the plant is 31 meters, which can meet the needs of different production links of production, testing and research and development. After reaching the annual sales is expected to exceed 1 billion yuan.

Yao Chenglin said that the headquarters project landed in Lujia in order to better take root in Kunshan development and achieve win-win cooperation. TOMILO will take this signing as a new milestone, continue to pursue excellent product quality and the highest level of service, brave the peak of domestic segments, and make important contributions to the economic development of Lujia, Kunshan and even the larger region.

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