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Farewell the old year, welcome the new, look forward to the future | The second and third staff Congress of Jiangsu TOMILO was successfully held


On December 27, the third employee congress of the second session of our company was held, and the meeting reviewed and approved the revised draft of the Employee Manual, the Collective Contract, and the special collective contract for Wages, and made reports on production and operation, safety production work and trade union work.

Zhang Yanjun, general manager of the company, made a production and operation report, reviewed the domestic and international situation, strategic positioning, profit, output value, efficiency, research and development technology investment and other aspects of the summary, as well as for the current challenges and opportunities, planning and outlook for the New Year.

Liu Jun, the company's environmental safety manager, made a report on the work of production safety, describing how to truly implement safety production into actual work and achieve zero safety production accidents.

Bu Meifen, chairman of the company's trade union, made a summary of the party's work in 2023 and the work plan for the New Year, hoping that all representatives in the New Year, driven by the party's work organization, unite and be proactive, strive to complete and exceed the completion of various work goals, and contribute to the development of the company.

Chen Yan, the manager of Human Resources Department, carried out democratic procedures on part of the revised draft of the Employee Manual, including explanations on employee salary category - piecework System, Parental Leave, Reward and Punishment Management Measures, and Leave Approval Authority.

Deliberating and signing the 2024 Collective Wage Contract; Zhang Yanjun, general manager of the company, and Bu Meifen, chairman of the company's trade union, signed the 2024 annual wage Special Collective Contract on the spot.

Pan Jipei, member of the trade union, read the resolution of the Third Staff Congress of the Second Session. The resolution of the workers' Congress was summarized.

Employee representative Zhong Pengfei supervisor made a report, from Pengfei's speech, we can see how a new person from 2022 to join the leadership of the encouragement and support and their own continuous efforts to grow step by step and gradually blossom.

Staff representative Dang Yanpei, director of the report, Dang Yanpei has his own set of logic and methods in management, I believe that with his own solid ability and continuous efforts, Yan Pei will continue to shine in the future work, to a higher level.

At the end of the meeting, Lian Zhaocai, vice chairman of the company, gave a speech, he said that everyone's work achievements were affirmed and placed hope, the representatives are full of confidence in the development of the company, will work hard, and will not live up to the expectations of the company's leaders.

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